Clinker supports event Open Data Seville 2012

The Clinker team is glad to announce our collaboration with Open Data Seville 2012!


Opendata Seville Logo

We all know how important is the Open Data movement, and how much good it brings to the general society nowadays. The interoperability and making information public without copyright or patents is a key piece in Open Data. Because of that, Open Data Seville wants to make publicly available the results of the hackfest which they are going to celebrate as part of the event.

Clinker will push and support the event with a free instance of Clinker Cloud to use it in the hackfest. Since it could be used as “public forge”, not only providing source code management but public code quality health reports too. About 50 developers will play with open data sources provided by UPO (Pablo de Olavide University) and the Open project called adoptaunaplaya.

Post event:

  • http://twitter.com/imonteroperez Ildefonso Montero

    thanks a lot! see you in opendatasevilla :D

    • http://twitter.com/amunizmartin Antonio Muñiz

      You’re welcome. I hope you get the best of clinker in the event!
      See you!